"10 000 Bornes, 2003, Cards play for the film "This is NOT a Movie !".

Synopsis: He didn't have much to do with his neighbors at the hotel-club… Just enough to observe
them, and to pick out the particles of fiction that pervaded the ordinary. Upon his return, on the other
hand – a body in the silo, his second home! The dead man and the investigating agent (he's almost sure) were at the hotel-club Right away he calls the girl – Silvie – whom he'd hesitated to move in on. And instantly – . wham! And then the others in the hotel-club, who reappear, slyly…
And what is that this cards play that captivate them?
But anyway it's Silvie's job to seduce the coincidences; to find a way of no longer filling hotels by chance…But the other one – the Lausanne blonde – what's she got against him?
Why him? Did something go wrong?
( by the way, why the hell did she kill John M. Armleder ?!? )