25min, film, 23 minutes, 1989

25min, film, 23 min, 1989.
Initial piece for « This is NOT a Movie ! »
This seemingly piece is in fact the generic piece for a most important part of my work.
I filmed a 25min long continuous shot in my studio, by panning the camera on two very old TV sets side
by side. Once finished, I realized that it was not possible, in 1989, to go further in an interesting way with
editing, But I found a possibility to make films by making cuts fro editing.m movies, to use them as a material
Doing so, I introduce a subtle impression of « déjà-vu » for the viewer.But to do that,
I needed  nonexistent tools and technologies, to sample and mix »from a huge amount of movies and
pictures material, not simply editing, but reconstructing new narrations. I decided then to begin
« Project Shakespeare machine », and the laboratory movie « This is NOT a Movie ! ».
I'm still working on them...